About Klo Design and Development Studio

Leah O'Connor

The internet has grown beyond all expectations since I brought home my first Computer. It has evolved from its humble beginnings to a platform where anything goes. Since the first website was published in 1991, technology has become a daily fact of life. It can be a frustrating fact of life for sure.

My name is Leah O'Connor, and I am a passionate designer. I started out as a Computer Specialist at an elementary school in Canada. I taught both the students and the teachers how to use computers. I was responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of the computers in the lab and the classrooms. I taught myself html so I could create the school website. I then set work to teaching the students how to create and update their class pages. It blew me away the first time I brought up a finished page in a web browser

I love to teach people how to use technology. I have been doing this for several years since moving to the States with the Geek Squad. In New York State, and now here in Maine. Unfortunately, our location is due to close soon, so it is time once again to move on to other endeavors.

Being a lifelong learner I wanted to learn more about Web Development and Graphic design. I went back to college. I started attending Bryant & Stratton College in the winter of 2008. They told me it would take at least two years, if not longer to graduate. I graduated with a degree in Interactive Media Design after 16 months. I set a goal for myself when I began classes to graduate with highest honours. I reached my goal and graduated summa cum laude; a GPA of 4.0. I was also inducted into the International Business Honor Society Alpha Beta Gamma. Mu Alpha Chapter.

By obtaining my degree, I increased my knowledge of web layout and graphic design. I learned new programming languages and learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite. I continue to increase my skills by taking classes online. I strive to keep up on the latest developments in web design and digital marketing. Also in technology, and to refine my artist talents.

Just as I reach the goals I set for myself, I want to help you reach your goals.

I have helped Authors, business owners and organizations. I've created book covers, websites, business cards, and brochures and much more. I have taught many people how to use and get more out their technology.

Do you need help taming your technology? Are you looking for a designer that can create a website for you? Do you need help navigating the world of digital marketing? Not sure how to brand your business? Then you should contact us.

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Regina Edwards Drumm - Author, Instructor, Marketing and Commuications Professional 

"Working with KLO has been a pleasure. Leah has a fantastic eye and was able to come up with designs as if she was reading my mind. She is very flexible in making changes and I was extremely impressed with her knowledge, especially when it came to explaining how the internet works and making sure my websites were being optimized with content that reflected my keywords for search engines, and alternate tags for all my images. I look forward to doing future projects with her."